Sonceboz offers brushless electric actuators (BLDC) that have high operating speed and high positioning accuracy, specially designed for use on or near the internal combustion engine. The addition of sensors or control electronics supports on-board diagnostic systems (OBD) for monitoring and preventing faults and failures. Our mechatronic solutions are necessarily compact and sometimes directly operated, thus allowing easy integration and optimal design.


The turbo uses the energy of the exhaust gases to compress the air at the intake (supercharging). In this sense and to meet the different specifications related to the turbo world, Sonceboz has developed a range of robust and reliable products to meet the particular specifications of each application case. Whether for Waste-Gate, for variable geometry turbos (VGT, VTG, VNT) or two-stage turbochargers, Sonceboz offers contactless technologies (BLDC) ensuring dynamic and precise operation in extreme environmental conditions. The movement will be rotary or linear depending on the configuration of the customer system.


In battery electric vehicles and their high-voltage electrical architecture, several safety mechanisms protect the passengers as well as the vehicle from damage. In this category of safety switches, high voltage contactors play a major role by galvanically disconnecting the various circuits in the event of an unexpected failure or when the vehicle is switched off. These technical installations are technically associated with energy losses, which can be dissipated as heat by active cooling measures.


The exhaust gas recirculation valve is designed to withstand the high temperatures and extreme levels of vibration in the engine compartment. The brushless actuator (BLDC) with position sensor provides fast response time and excellent positioning accuracy throughout the life of the vehicle. The helical movement of the plate permanently cleans the generated soot and seals the seat of the customer module. The cooling interface shared with the module, leads to a significant advantage in terms of compactness but also to a simplified and faster assembly. This valve, easy to control via PWM, is a real asset for complying with increasingly strict regulations.


CVVL technology was designed to reduce pumping losses and to run a naturally aspirated gasoline engine without a throttle. Plus, it allows for Miller/Atkinson cycles, better “better output” engine mapping, and variable compression ratio.

The mechanical CVVL constantly requires a very precise and fast positioning of an eccentric camshaft in order to adapt the air flow at each moment. Therefore, Sonceboz produces powerful BLDC direct drive motors meeting the extremely long life requirements. The CVVL actuator is mounted directly on the cylinder head and must withstand harsh environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures and a high level of vibration.


Autonomous vehicles as well as electric vehicles open new doors in terms of current experience possibilities. The interior can be personalized through an amazing combination of seating positions, for example. New safety features aimed at preventing accidents may be introduced. All this calls into question how to drive a car and especially how to steer it. From retractable steering wheel to angled steering, all these innovations do away with the steering column and introduce sensors, motors and actuators. Security is of course a key element and redundancies are required for several applications. Sonceboz has already worked in such an environment and has already delivered solutions for commercial vehicles. Other applications are under development and should arrive on the market very soon. The combination of robust construction, compact design and intelligent electronic control aims to significantly improve the simplicity of the system while guaranteeing a similar or even higher level of safety. This makes steer by wire the ideal candidate for demanding applications like autonomous vehicles, for example.


Electromechanical braking systems, or eBrake, make it possible to dispense with the hydraulic braking circuit specific to traditional architectures and electrohydraulic Brake-by-Wire. They offer substantial gains in terms of weight, size and integration and open up a new world of possibilities for driver assistance and autonomous driving. Sonceboz actuators allow this technological breakthrough on this critical and essential function. When it comes to slowing and stopping a vehicle, no compromises can be made. High torque density, low noise level and precision are the essential features ​​of the actuators guaranteeing the availability of the power required for braking in all circumstances in the service of passenger comfort and safety.