Thermal management

Multi-circuit cooling systems require ever more integrated, compact and reliable solutions while ensuring reduced energy consumption. The thermal management of fluids and air makes it possible to reduce CO2 emissions and to appropriately regulate the temperature of aggregates on hybrid and electric vehicles.


The increase in charging power and performance of electric vehicles leads to a more sophisticated thermal management architecture. Cooling pumps will be more efficient, delivering exceptional performance, low power consumption and quiet operation. To meet this demand, Sonceboz has developed powerful and highly efficient cooling pumps, delivering a flow rate of up to 45l/min at a delta pressure of 2.0bar. The LIN bus allows communication and diagnosis, thanks to the integrated electronics.


Thermal management consists of controlling the temperature of a system and its subsystems: engine, battery, cabin, e-machine. Flow control valves shut off, switch and regulate coolant flow. Our range of actuators provides a smart solution to comply with more stringent emissions standards. Our solutions adapt to ICE vehicles as well as hybrid and electric vehicles in order to increase range, improve lifespan and reduce charging time.


Finely controlling the temperature is a necessity in order to ensure the comfort and maximum efficiency of vehicles. Several cooling loops coexist to ensure an ideal temperature for the occupants. Precision, speed, high actuation torque reserve, environmental diagnosis, low consumption and low noise level are the strong and essential features ​​of Sonceboz actuators for expansion valves. Designed from a modular platform, our solutions adapt to internal combustion engine, hybrid or 100% electric vehicle environments.


More than ever, quickly and effectively controlling the temperature of the passenger compartment is a necessity in order to ensure comfort while reducing the impact on the range of electric or hybrid vehicles. In addition, this must be done without compromising on noise! To achieve the expected results, a technological evolution of less noisy and more efficient fan motors is necessary. High torque density, low consumption and low noise level are the strong and differentiating features ​​of the brushless motors designed by Sonceboz. Designed from a modular platform to be produced on fully automated assembly lines, our solutions adapt to the environments of internal combustion engine, hybrid or 100% electric vehicles.


The heating of the passenger compartment is one of the main factors of energy consumption. To reduce this consumption and increase vehicle range, the implementation of heat pumps plays a key role in the roadmap of OEMs. Thanks to our know-how in high voltage motor applications, we are able to provide our customers with highly integrated solutions with power electronics. We design compact, powerful and robust HV motors that meet your specific technical and dimensional requirements.