Minimizing CO2 emissions and maximizing the range of current and future vehicles are crucial. Aerodynamics plays a vital role in achieving ambitious goals. Our intelligent mechatronic solutions enable high responsiveness and reliability, even under difficult conditions.


Active aerodynamic applications are therefore increasingly integrated into motor vehicles. The Active Grille Shutter (AGS), in mass production for over 10 years, is a very high value solution, having the lowest cost spent to achieve CO2 reduction. An Active Grille Shutter (AGS) not only improves the airflow coefficient of the vehicle, it also helps control the amount of air flowing through the radiator and into the engine compartment, depending on the temperature of the engine and cooling needs.

Active Aerodynamics

Our range of actuators has been specially designed to facilitate their integration on the front of the vehicle or in places exposed to external environments and constraints. Thanks to their flexible design, their compactness and their lightness, our mechatronic systems allow a reduction of air resistance and optimize the heat under the hood. Developed and tested by our experts, the control electronics notably offer several communication interfaces such as LIN or PWM bus. The robustness and sealing of our contactless technologies guarantee irreproachable quality, thus allowing flawless use even in difficult environments.

Active suspension

By dynamically adapting the height of the body of the vehicle according to the driving conditions, its aerodynamics can be optimized. This results in lower energy consumption, and therefore increased range, and greater comfort of use. Speed ​​and fluidity of movement, low noise level, compact size and precision are the major assets of Sonceboz positioning actuators. Our smart actuators make it possible to meet the challenges of our customers in terms of control and diagnostics without compromising on reliability or operating safety.


With the ever-increasing need to have automated load doors on vehicles, Sonceboz offers its portfolio of actuators with on-board electronics to meet all safety requirements and provide new additional electronic functionalities. Being the first supplier of active grille shutter actuators on the market since 2008, with excellent results in terms of quality, Sonceboz extends its experience and know-how by offering state-of-the-art actuators to manage the opening and closure of various loading doors (E-Lid). Our intelligent, compact, lightweight and CEM class 5 actuators provide weight reduction and optimization of the management of the overall system architecture.