The shift to electrification is becoming increasingly important in hydraulic valve actuation circuits that meet today’s demands for efficiency, automation and functional safety.


In construction equipment and agricultural machinery, hydraulic power must be precisely controlled. The intelligent linear actuators developed by Sonceboz are dedicated to driving the spool of hydraulic valves in the best possible way. Thanks to the electromechanical actuator, no pilot oil circuit using solenoid valves and pilot valves is required. Direct spool actuation reduces hysteresis while ensuring smooth and precise movement. The overall complexity of the system is reduced as well as the influence of the temperature which becomes insignificant. The range of products, from “Smart” functionalities with CAN and On-board Diagnostics (OBD) to “Safe” with functional safety certification, adapts to all levels of requirement.


The Sonceboz electric motor with integrated power electronics controls the hydraulic power supply to the vehicle and allows the design of compact, efficient and lightweight systems. The pump, combined with a low voltage (24 or 48 VDC) or high voltage (up to 850 VDC) motor, is designed to withstand high environmental loads and to last a long life, as required on truck chassis and off-road machines. Customer-specific control functions and settings can be implemented, and integrated sensors enable intelligent control and diagnostics.