The efficiency and operation of a commercial vehicle transmission are crucial in order to guarantee a high level of driving comfort while lowering fuel consumption and polluting emissions.


Sonceboz has designed a brushless electric motor with a power greater than one kilowatt that is very dynamic and suitable for the rapid and repeated actuation of an electrified clutch system. This product is able to offer extremely fast accelerations and decelerations guaranteeing disengagement then engagement three times faster than with the technologies currently used on the market.

Due to its robust concept and design, this BLDC motor offers a very high level of reliability to ensure a long service life despite difficult working conditions since it is installed under the chassis while being exposed to the weather.


Conventional transmission gearboxes, manual or automated, have a limited number of gear ratios available. A continuously variable transmission (CVT) is an automatic transmission that can change seamlessly through a continuous range of effective gear ratios, forward and reverse. Therefore, the performance of the transmission is continuously regulated to ensure optimum performance, to provide more comfort through smooth gear changes and to optimize vehicle consumption. The main goals of the CVT transmission are high speed and low backlash in the operation of the pumps that provide the transmission gear change. Sonceboz has developed custom CVT actuators that meet the high demands of such a transmission application segment: high vibration, safety of use, precise movement… Their unique compactness allows easy integration into Tier 1 and OEM assemblies, as well as the optimization of the overall weight of the transmission, helping OEMs to achieve their ambitious objectives of reducing vehicle consumption