Comfort & Driving Assistance

A market leader thanks to its expertise in stepper motor technology and in high-speed assembly lines, Sonceboz responds to the ever-increasing technological and functional challenges in the vehicle cockpit with new intelligent actuators for the well-being of users : driving assistance (instrument cluster, head-up display, air conditioning optimization (HVAC flaps and blowers, ventilation, fragrance diffuser) while providing values ​​such as low noise, precise movements, low power consumption, compactness and lightness.


Recent trends in automotive powertrain architectures have brought new challenges for passenger thermal comfort, especially in air-conditioning systems, which affects both the HVAC unit and the air registers. Compactness, silence, lightness, optimized flow, and energy management are currently the main drivers impacting the design of new HVAC units and electrified air vents in the cockpit.

Sonceboz has already been delivering specific motor technology to this market for some years and is now offering the next generation of solutions. Our actuators’ slim design allows for easy and flexible integration, for example, onto the flaps wherever they might be located. Compared to other standard actuators available on the market, ours are lightweight, compact and quiet, three desirable characteristics recognized by our customers, making our products the perfect candidates for today’s demanding electric vehicles.


The SONCEBOZ stepper motor family is a de facto global standard, with over 50% market share and over 1,5 billion actuators delivered. We offer low noise, smooth movement, precision, efficient pointer illumination, and easy assembly, all resulting in system cost savings. Our customers can expect optimal solutions for their entire dashboard range with our 0ppm product line.