Your partner in mechatronics

We create, develop and produce very high quality mechatronic systems. Intended for positioning, flow regulation and drive, our solutions are able to meet the highest requirements. Day after day, we help engineers change the world through safer, more responsible and more efficient technologies.

Why Sonceboz?

Sonceboz anticipates market trends by relentlessly innovating to produce compact mechatronic solutions for harsh environments. World leaders whose technologies have - or will have - a global impact, the customers who trust us, are looking for a tailor-made solution characterized by reliability, energy efficiency, power density or digital performance, all areas in which Sonceboz makes the difference.

Level of quality required
solutions produced each year in our factories
Sonceboz motors in service worldwide

Mechatronic solutions and drive systems

Our solutions are based on electric motors and mechatronic drive systems with linear or rotary motion. All are based on non-contact electromagnetic technologies to ensure long-term reliability and robustness.

Are you facing a technical challenge? We provide you with a mechatronic solution adapted to your needs: motors, sensors, motion transformation, control electronics and digitalization.

Industrial Excellence

Our state-of-the-art production facility is distinguished by its very high level of automation and the control of each manufacturing step, from design to mass production.

Vertical integration allows us to maintain optimal expertise in all key elements, such as metal, plastic or electronic components, while remaining open to the world via a make-or-buy strategy. Sonceboz aims for 0ppm. And we consistently achieve our goal.



Sonceboz's main supplier is… Sonceboz

Sonceboz's main supplier is… Sonceboz

Did you know that Sonceboz's number one supplier of our key components is…Sonceboz? Most of our strategic components, such as electronics, plastics, and metal machining, are expertly manufactured


SAE Thermal Management

SAE Thermal Management

October 3-4, 2023 Meet us at the Thermal Management Systems Symposium, Plymouth, MI, USA