Sonceboz S.A. in the skin of exoskeleton Twiice

Since 2016 and with the participation of paraplegic Swiss athlete Silke Pan, researchers from the EPFL’s Laboratoire de Systèmes Robotiques (LSRO) have developed the TWIICE lower-limb exoskeleton. The team has created a robotic structure that can fully support the weight of a human body and guide the person’s steps.

TWIICE One has two electric motors on each leg that enable patients to move their hip and knee joints. The new design integrates actuators in the structure, making it less cumbersome and easier to manipulate. A control device in one of the crutches allows patients to choose among three walking speeds and go up and down stairs.

The Sonceboz Innovation Cell has developed powerful yet ultra-compact actuators for moving the exoskeleton.

Discover the video of CanalAlpha on exoskeleton Twiice :