Sonceboz and EPFL join forces to take mechatronics into the future

Sonceboz, the mechatronics specialist based in the Canton of Bern, has opened an innovation cell at EPFL Innovation Park. The aim of this partnership is to carry out research projects with the renowned university EPFL in the fields of mechanics, microtechnology and robotics. Mechatronics is a fast-growing field at the crossroads of electronics, mechanics and computing. It has applications in both cutting-edge sectors and our daily life: automatic pilots, drones, exoskeletons, home automation, hard drives, medical devices and more. Sonceboz, a company that is a global leader in this field, launched an innovation cell today at EPFL Innovation Park for the purpose of developing research projects in partnership with EPFL labs. The cell, called i3@EPFL, will focus on innovation, incubation and investment. The research agenda already includes an initial wave of projects that will involve several EPFL labs with leading expertise in mechanics, microtechnology or robotics. With such initiative, Sonceboz is aiming at getting an edge over innovation and at bringing into the market disruptive technologies featuring “From mind to motion” values.