Smart valves and pumps for precise Thermal Management

Thermal Management is the cornerstone of new technologies such as batteries and fuel cell powertrains. With its smart valves and pumps offering best-in-class Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), precision, outstanding power density and energy efficiency, Sonceboz contributes to accelerating the transition toward zero-emission commercial vehicles.

The internal temperature of battery and fuel cell systems must be maintained in a very precise range to ensure best performance and durability over product lifetime. An efficient and compact high voltage coolant pump (400/800 V) provides the necessary flow (up to 600 lpm) for the cooling system. Furthermore, coolant control valves driven by Smart Brushless Actuators (12/24 V) are used in such systems for shutting on and off the coolant flow, switching coolant circuits and regulating the coolant flow.

Based on Sonceboz field-proven motor technology exhibiting high durability and 0-ppm quality grade, Sonceboz solutions are already fully compatible with most of the OEM communication protocols and are synonymous with easy integration, precise Thermal Management and sophisticated system diagnostics.