Recycling production waste : a daily commitment at Sonceboz

We do our utmost to ensure waste is recycled at our production sites. A full 68 % of our production waste is recycled, specifically plastics and metals, which are the main constituents of our products.

Switzerland has one of the world's highest recycling rates for household waste: over 52 % of waste products are sent to a recycling facility. In keeping with the commitments of its Health, Safety and Environment policy, and the principles of its ISO 14001 certification, Sonceboz also considers the recycling of production waste a high priority. 

In order to save on energy and raw materials, Sonceboz has partnered with specialist service providers to set up a number of specific recycling channels, allowing the company to achieve a waste recycling rate equating to 68 % of all production waste generated. In particular, a special process has been created for recycling different types of plastic and metal, which are the main constituents of the products manufactured at our two production sites. These channels can only be effective if all of our employees commit to following the waste sorting procedure every day. Our aim is now to continue our commitment to ongoing improvement, in order to increase our recycling rate and find new channels for recycling our production waste.