LVI-V 20

The large volume injector vial based on Gentle Touch piston pump technology and driven by a Sonceboz mechatronic system, allow the drug transfer from a vial to an internal reservoir. Once the transfer is complete, the patient can attach the LVI-V to their abdomen (or thigh) to proceed with the injection via the dynamic needle insertion and retraction system which features a thin 21G soft cannula and a built-in needle stick prevention. This device is intended for clinical trials or instances where a pharmacy wants to keep the vial as a primary container and still provide a delivery device to their patient.

LVI-V 20


  • Capacity 20mL ( customizable up to 50mL)
  • Dose accuracy ±5%
  • Flow rate up to 2.7 ml/min
  • Cannula Ø 0.7mm (21 Gauge)
  • Viscosity > 50Cp
  • Patient interface: LED + buzzer
  • Contact sensor to avoid needle stick injury
  • Reduced material type in contact with drug
  • Orientation and air bubble sensing
  • Bluetooth and NFC embedded


  • Subcutaneous injection


  • Intuitive
  • Versatile
  • Programmable
  • Low noise
  • Disposable