New emissions regulation Euro VII: an opportunity to drive further innovation

The process for a new Euro VII emissions regulation for trucks and buses is ongoing and continues to consider the strictest measures required to make a real contribution to the EU’s zero-emission ambition by 2050. Thanks to proven and reliable innovative solutions, Sonceboz is the right partner to lower exhaust emissions as well as fuel consumption.

The new EURO VII emission standards will likely specify fuel reduction targets in addition to general emission reductions. Thanks to proven and reliable innovative solutions for engine and thermal management, Sonceboz is the right partner for those in the industry who require an efficient time-to-market in order to innovate, develop and launch the future engines.

With the Sonceboz best in class smart BLDC’s power density for high flow rates, the valve can operate a span of 90° in less than 150 ms on both sides, delivering a precision of 0.2° in harsh and restrictive environments. This level of precision can have a significant impact on fuel consumption. With a delivered peak torque from 12 Nm to about 22 Nm, in a volume lower than 800 cm3, Sonceboz’s tailor-made solutions are ready for the Euro VII next challenges: lower exhaust emissions as well as fuel consumption reduction. Moreover, the Sonceboz electronics platform with reinforced electromagnetic compatibility is able to sustain 150°C. Offering integrated functions and diagnostics that are state-of-the-art embedded software features, the platform provides easy integration into the OEM’s system and anticipates future safety and cybersecurity customer’s expectations.