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New electric motor platform best meets Vehicle Dynamics requirements


The path toward Zero-Emission transportation requires a rapid transition to electric vehicles. Sonceboz has developed an innovative platform of compact and efficient systems that enables the electrification of key functions within Vehicle Dynamics, such as steering and braking.

为了实现转向系统的电气化,Sonceboz可提供完全集成的电动液压泵,此液压泵的压力可达200 bar,流量达25 l/min,可用于助力转向。其智能化基于各种24V电子设备,以达到所需的安全级别。这项技术为下一步实现车辆自动驾驶和全电动转向解决方案铺平了道路。


To electrify the steering system, Sonceboz offers a fully integrated electro-hydraulic pump that provides pressure up to 200 bar and flow 25 l/min for steering assistance. Its intelligence is based on redundant 24V electronics to achieve the required safety level. This technology paves the way to the next steps towards autonomous vehicles and all-electric steering solutions.

When it comes to braking, the pneumatic system consists of an electric air compressor and an accumulator. Sonceboz offers an extremely compact, high voltage solution that incorporates a cooling system. It fits particularly well with the latest generation of silent and efficient compressors.

Electric motor platform