Mobility regained through exoskeletons

Sonceboz is supporting the development of exoskeletons by financing a project conducted by EPFL's Laboratoire des Systèmes Robotiques (LSRO). This investment is aimed at improving mobility for people affected by paraplegia.

June 2017 – Thanks to the technical and financial support of Sonceboz, the robotic systems laboratory (LSRO) at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) is developing "Twiice", a modular exoskeleton walking aid. It enables people affected by paraplegia to stand up, hold themselves upright, walk, and even climb stairs. The prototype successfully took part in the 2016 Cybathlon and 2017 Robotics for Good athletic competitions. Silke Pan, a handcycle athlete, who became paraplegic in 2007, tested this prototype and gave its designers invaluable concrete feedback on her experience as a user. Electric actuators provided by Sonceboz help to make this exoskeleton lighter, more ergonomic and more manoeuvrable, thereby improving its performance. Sonceboz also made all of its expertise in mechatronics available to the LSRO. The framework for this financing is part of the Bernese Jura-based company's commitment to supporting comfortable lives for all.

credit: ©Alain Herzog/EPFL