Improving the safety, comfort and energy efficiency of your vehicles are our main objectives.

We are specialists in the design, development and industrialization of intelligent mechatronic solutions for the automotive sector.
Standards are getting stricter and stricter. Electric vehicles are coming fast. Safety is also becoming increasingly important with self-driving cars. The vehicles of tomorrow will have to be greener, safer and more communicative.


Optimizing thermal management via water and air flows is becoming increasingly important. Our intelligent mechatronic solutions allow real-time regulation in all conditions.


Reducing emissions and maximizing vehicle range are crucial. Aerodynamics plays a vital role in achieving ambitious goals. Our intelligent mechatronic solutions enable high responsiveness and reliability, even under difficult conditions.


The design of the interior of a vehicle is of paramount importance and constitutes one of the key success factors for its commercialization. Passengers focus on interfaces such as dashboards and the control console. They demand comfort and ergonomics. Our intelligent mechatronic solutions enable seamless integration thanks to their compactness and silent operation.


We believe in sustainable mechatronics that preserve the environment and enable the development of proven and robust drive solutions. Our mechatronic solutions work in valves and dampers, from the air intake to the exhaust and close to the combustion chamber.