BLDC motor with high torque density for variable valve actuation and transmission

SONCEBOZ's new direct drive brushless DC motor (BLDC) 5612 Series offers outstanding torque density. It has been designed especially for the dynamic motorization of variable valves actuation in internal combustion engines: it is nowadays performing in the BMW Valvetronic system, where its outstanding low dimensions make it easy to integrate into the engine compartment.

This 3-phase motor with 6 coils features first rate performance: peak torques of above 1.2 Nm and peak speeds reaching 6,500 rpm. All that in a minimal size of Ø 42 mm. A high resolution position sensor ensures excellent positioning resolution. This patented direct drive electric motor is compatible with standard BLDC control mode and therefore is easily compatible with existing engine control units.

It can operate in extreme temperatures [-40°C; +140°C] and is IP67. The extremely tough "High Accelerated Lifetime Tests" (HALT) used during its development and automatic assembly ensure robustness and long service life. Therefore this BLDC motor as it is, or an adapted version, is ideal for any automotive application featuring very high vibration and thermal stresses, such as fully electrical variable valve lift, electrical cam phasing systems, transmission or torque vectoring applications.