Compact power BLDC motor: up to 2kW power at 24V!

The CPM90-24 is a powerful and lightweight brushless DC motor with embedded control electronics and an ultra-compact, integrated design. This motor has been developed from the ground up for mobile applications and battery operated machines, featuring high efficiency, high power density, and a space-saving form factor.

The CPM90-24 brushless permanent magnet synchronous motor offers efficiency exceeding 90%, reducing energy requirements as well as battery and operating costs. Peak power of up to 2.1 kW in a compact and lightweight design saves space, facilitates integration in narrow spaces, and reduces weight.

Featuring energy recuperation, this motor can also function as a generator. Sonceboz’s innovative subsystem approach, combining an efficient motor with an integrated CAN bus controller and dedicated software, makes the CPM90-24 the easiest choice for hassle-free integration into a platform’s smart functional network. The integrated high-efficiency controller enhances system performance, without the need for additional motor control hardware. In order to provide even more power in the future, the CPM90-48 is in development and will begin production during 2018.

A CPM90-24 starter kit provides easy access to this technology, and to the “Mind to Motion” expertise of the Sonceboz Group. This plug-and-play package contains the "Motion Workbench" configuration software, connector cables for different interfaces, and an installation manual.