国六排放法规 :一个驱动未来创新的机会

China 6 emissions regulations: an opportunity to drive further innovation


Thanks to proven and reliable innovative solutions, Sonceboz is the right partner to lower exhaust emissions and fuel consumption.


凭借Sonceboz一流的智能BLDC功率密度,该阀门可在两侧不到150ms的时间内操作90°的范围,在恶劣和限制性环境中提供0.2°的精度。这种精度水平会对燃油消耗量产生重大影响。峰值扭矩从12 Nm到约22 Nm,包装体积小于800 cm3,Sonceboz的定制解决方案已准备好迎接下一个挑战:降低废气排放和燃油消耗。此外,具有增强电磁兼容性的Sonceboz电子平台能够维持150°C的工作温度。该平台具有集成功能和诊断功能,是最先进的嵌入式软件的特点,可轻松集成到OEM系统中,并满足未来客户对行驶安全以及网络信息安全的期望。

China 6 emissions regulations require to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from new medium and heavy-duty vehicles. Thanks to proven and reliable innovative solutions for engine and thermal management, Sonceboz is the right partner for those in the industry who require an efficient time-to-market in order to innovate, develop and launch the future engines.

With the Sonceboz best in class smart BLDC’s power density, the valve can operate a span of 90° in less than 150 ms on both sides, delivering a precision of 0.2° in harsh and restrictive environments. This level of precision can have a significant impact on fuel consumption. With a delivered peak torque from 12 Nm to about 22 Nm, in a package volume less than 800 cm3, Sonceboz' tailor-made solutions are ready for the next challenges: lower exhaust emissions as well as fuel consumption reduction. Moreover, the Sonceboz electronics platform with reinforced electromagnetic compatibility is able to sustain operating temperatures of 150°C. Offering integrated functions and diagnostics that are state-of-the-art embedded software features, the platform provides easy integration into the OEM’s system and anticipates future safety and cybersecurity customer expectations.

China 6 emissions