Brushless electric DC motors


Compact power BDLC motor: up to 6kW power!

The CPM90 drive is a brushless DC motor with embedded electronics offering superior motor efficiency while being extremely light and space-saving thanks to ultra-compact and integrated design. It has been designed for medium and heavy-duty applications. This brushless permanent-magnet synchronous motor offer efficiencies of up to 96 % and contributes to reduce energy
requirements as well as battery and running costs. The power up to 6 kW in such a compact and lightweight design saves space, facilitates assembly on a truck or off-road aggregate and reduces weight. The high power density is available for all low voltage applications: 24 V to 48 V making it suitable for typical battery power supply. The versatile design of the CPM90 enables downscaling and custom development from 500W to 20kW. This drive can be operated either as a motor or as a generator, enabling a wide variety of usage in powertrain and axles. Its subsystem approach, combining an efficient motor with integrated CAN bus controller and dedicated software, makes it the easiest choice for hassle-free integration into a vehicle's smart functional network. The integrated high-efficiency controller enhances system
performance and obviates the need for additional controller hardware. Features includes: CAN /analogue, control of torque, speed, power, position, temperature etc… Developed in Germany and precisely made in Switzerland, CPM90 is the smallest, most efficient, highest-performance electric drive range in its class, able to satisfy the highest demands for quality, robustness and service-life with minimal noise.

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