The car of the year 2018 performs better thanks to Sonceboz actuators

The mechatronics company of the Swiss Bernese Jura provides electric actuators to the Volvo XC40, recently elected car of the year 2018 by a jury of specialists at the Geneva show. An electric drive technology, based on the competence in automotive mechatronic solutions, is mounted in the front of the vehicle. This compact and lightweight actuator with embedded electronics controls air inlet shutters and it improves the aerodynamics of the vehicle. The opening of the shutters control allows also to better manage the engine temperature, a useful function in pronounced summer or winter conditions. Thanks to the know-how of high precision in positioning and in flow regulation, the mechatronics of Sonceboz allows the XC40 to reduce its consumption and to provide driving comfort, two criteria recognized by the Board to elect the car of the year.

The car of the year 2018 more performs thanks Sonceboz actuators!